Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery

Please read the shipping and delivery policy below to check the detailed shipping information, fees, terms and risks of your orders.

List of Shipping Countries & Regions

Shipping Areas Shipping to  Estimated Delivery Time
North America The United States Canada  3-8 Business Days to
the U.S. mainland

Shipping Fees

We provide free shipping and paid shipping based on the destinations of your orders.
We exempt the shipping fees if the package weighs less than 0.5 KG.
We exempt the shipping fees of 0.5 KG for orders weighing more than 0.5 KG, and the extra portion is at the customer’s expense.

We provide free shipping for orders with destinations listed below.
North America: The U.S. (Alaska excluded), Canada

Estimated Shipping Time

The shipping time varies depending on the distribution centers and express companies of your package, and under no circumstances we will hold reliable for the damage or loss due to the delay in the delivery of the package.

Packages should arrive in the United States within 3-5 business days. COVID-19 may postpone the shipping time to 2-20 days.

Delivery from the Czech distribution center to European countries and regions may take another 2-3 days because of COVID-19 and other inevitable factors. It may take 15-30 business days to get your packages delivered to European countries & region from the China distribution center when the Czech warehouse is out of stock.

Delivery to African and South American places normally takes 5-10 business days with DHL express. The delivery of heavy-weight large packages and oversized shipping may take 30-50 days.


Express is being suspended in Ukraine and Belarus, and orders cannnot shipped to the countries mentioned currently.

Orders placed on ANNKE official store will be processed within 3 business days (except for pre-orders).

If local warehouses are out of stock, orders will be shipped out from the China distribution center, so delivery would take longer than usual to arrive.

When customs fees occur, it is the customer who pays the customs fees and other unexpected fees.

We declare a proper value for customs on all shipment which are shipped out from China or overseas distribution centers. You may email to for more information about the declared value, or to request a specified value within hours from the purchase time.

Losses due to incomplete & incorrect address or fraudulent transition by customers should be borne by them.

Orders that have been shipped out cannot be cancelled generally. Customers shall hold responsible for the shipping fees and relevant additional fees if they want to cancel the orders that have been dispatched out.

Customers shall hold responsible for checking that the package is complete and undamaged when your package is delivered. You should check to ensure no damage on the package before you sign for the delivery. You are authorized to refuse the damaged package based on informing the delivery men of your reason.