ANNKE 100 ft UL-Certified Video & Power 2-in-1 BNC Cables

Fire Rated 4-Pack 100% UL-Certified 30 m/100 ft All-in-One BNC Video Power Cables

Fire Rated 4-Pack 100% UL-Certified 30 m/100 ft All-in-One BNC Video Power Cables


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Pass All Indispensable Certifications

ANNKE 2-in-1 connection wires pass the severe tests of UL, RoHS, ISET s.r.l, ensuring the cables are extremely durable & safe to use.
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RoHS — Guarantees the wires conform to the standards of the EU’s restrictions on use of hazardous substances.

UL — Ensures ANNKE cables meet the electrical flammability & safety standards.

ISET s.r.l — Indicates the cabling satisfies the safety & environmental protection standards.

Weatherproof. Fire Resistance

The weatherproof rating makes the cable brave all hot or cold weather, perfect for outdoor & indoor placements.
The antiflame rating can prevent the spread of fire, protecting the cables from damage.

Strong Adaptability & Wide Application

The UL wiring works with all analog security camera systems, including 960H/ 720p/ 960p/ 1080p/ 3MP/ 4MP/ 5MP AHD/ CVI/ TVI systems, and ANNKE 4K security solutions. The BNC cables can be run through or inside the walls or buried under the ground for hiding them from view. You can even fish the wires between floors or walls without hindering heating or air conditioner systems.

High-Quality PVC-45P Modeling

The PVC-45P indicates the PVC plastic’s hardness, making the cables extremely resilient. This kind of materials is super lightweight and durable that reduces manual handling difficulty, and is resistant to weather, chemical rotting, corrosion, shock and abrasion.

  • Long Service Life

  • Strong Flexibility

  • High Tensile Strength

  • What's in the Box

  • ① 4X Cable(s)
  • ② 4X BNC-BNC Connector(s)
  • ③ 4X BNC-to-RCA Connector(s)
  • ④ 1X Cable Clip Kit
  • ⑤ 1X User Manual

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