ANNKE High-End Technology

Unrivaled Imaging Sensors

All ANNKE 12MP, 4K & 5MP security cameras adopt best imaging sensors that have been debugged by professional engineers for hundreds of times, ensuring the cameras can deliver the most vivid, sharpest & clearest pictures than other security cameras with the same resolution.

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  • What’s Sony STARVIS CMOS Sensor

    Sony STARVIS back-illuminated CMOS image sensors, currently the top 1 image sensor for security cameras, collect wider range of light than other front-illuminated-type sensors, to achieve high sensitivity (2000+ mV per 1 µm2) & clear image quality even in super low illumination.

    The Sony STARVIS sensor orchestrates color, optimizes high contrast ratio and enhances best HDR, enabling ANNKE security cameras to shoot much more lifelike & crystal-clear pictures & videos than other security cameras with conventional sensors.

    Unparalleled Sony STARVIS Technology Pros

    STARVIS is a back-illuminated pixel technology adopted in the CMOS imaging sensors of ANNKE B1200 12MP PoE security camera and 4K cameras & systems.

    The splendid STARVIS tech brings invincible advantages for ANNKE solutions, compared with other security solutions with normal sensors.

    Outstanding Visibility Under Starlight

    High Lighting Sensitivity

    Provides the sensitivity per 1 µm2 pixel size 2000+ mV

    Lower Noise Reduction

    Eliminate the noise for top-level day & night image clarity

    Rich & Vivid Colors

    Deliver colorful & crystal images in low-light conditions

    ANNKE Security Solutions with Sony STARVIS Sensors

    ANNKE security solutions with STARVIS sensors deliver first-rate images even in 0.0001 lux total darkness. Get incomparable images clarity than other 4K/5MP/4MP security cameras with traditional sensors.

    Watch the comparison video by The Hook Up, a famous tech geek, to see how ANNKE C800 4K PoE security camera stands out among all couterparts.

    Under invisible nights, ANNKE 12MP/4K cameras can capture clear images just like daytime. Conventional IR night vision security cameras only deliver blur images in the same lighting conditions.

    With the STARVIS sensors, ANNKE solutions provide clearer images and richer details. Zoom in the images without sacrificing image quality.

    OmniVision Image Sensors

    OminiVision is an industry-leading image sensor designer & developer. OmniVision image sensors built in ANNKE 5MP surveillance cameras utilize backside illumination technology to deliver improved low-light sensitivity and wide field of view. Thus, ANNKE 5MP Super HD cameras enable clearest videos in almost complete darkness and cover wide areas than other 5MP cameras.

    OmniVision PureCel® Flagship Pixel Tech Benefits

    OmniVision PureCel® technology provides the best-in-class imaging sensors to smart security solutions for the top-line performance.

    Breathtaking Image Quality

    PureCel® advanced pixel array offers high lighting sensitivity, reduces image noise greatly and provides enhanced dynamic range. All helps the image sensor shoot stunning and perfect images and videos.

    Ultra Low Power Consumption

    PureCel® adopts 5 nm logic process with advanced circuit architecture to stream crystal-clear videos without consuming too much power, perfect for the applications that need super low-power security solutions.

    Innovative Technology Evolution

    OmniVision PureCel® leverages the advantages of front-side illumination (FSI) technology, OmniBSI™ and OmniBSI-2™ tech to provide improved sensitivity, color reproduction and image quality.

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  • First-Class ABS Materials from SABIC

    ANNKE security cameras’ housing uses the best ABS material provided by SABIC — the largest public company in the Middle East & Saudi Arabia, mainly manufacturing chemicals, industrial polymers, metals, etc.

    The FDA-approved ABS material is widely considered a tailorable engineering material with outstanding aesthetics, flow, toughness, dimensional stability, excellent colorability, scratch resistance and high-temperature resistance.

    Other materials of ANNKE surveillance cameras are all from international top-level suppliers, ensuring every ANNKE product is 100% high-quality from the top to the bottom.

    ABS Material Top Performances

    • Heat & Cold Resistance
    • Super Lightweight & Durable
    • Excellent Impact Resistance
    • Structural Strength & Stiffness
    • Chemical Resistance
    • Great Electrical Insulation
    • Easy to Paint & Glue

    Stay Perfect Even in Extreme Conditions

    ANNKE security cameras’ housing, with the exceptional heat resistance of the ABS material, remains perfect status even operating under the blazing sun for a long time.

    ANNKE Cameras | Other Cameras

    ANNKE Cameras | Other Cameras

    Plastic VS Metal Housing, Which One to Choose

    ABS plastic housing plus the top-level sensors outshine security cameras with heavy metal housing. The best ABS plastic housing is more durable, cost-effective and high-quality than metal.

    ABS Plastic

    .Low-Power Consumption
    .Fast Heat Dissipation


    .Easy to Rust
    .Worn-out Paint
    .High-Power Consumption
    .Easy to Heat

    Most Professional & Unparalleled Manufacturers

    ANNKE works with the best and most professional manufacturer with the most advanced techniques, standard working flow, abounding mechanized, automatic & smart testing devices and professional QA analysts.

    ANNKE team & the partnered manufacturer’s team will 100% assure that every ANNKE product passes all severe testing in every process conducted by hundreds of engineers.

    ANNKE pursues the acme of high quality and ONLY provides the most perfect & finest products to customers.

    Strongest Environment Adaptability

    ANNKE outdoor security cameras are all IP66 or IP67 weatherproof rating, and work seamlessly in all extreme weather and all occasions, regardless rain or shine, snow or sheet, dust or sand.

    Hundreds of engineers have tested all ANNKE security cameras in almost every possible installation scenario and working temperature, ensuring the cameras work perfectly in all conditions.

    Super Bright Lighting Alerts

    Upon the PIR sensors are triggered, the bright white lights, the red & blue strobes or the siren alarms, in the camera will be activated at once to deter the intruders before break ins, and help ANNKE cameras capture the intruders’ faces clearly.

    Preventing intrusion before it happens is much more important than simply playing back the recorded videos after the intrusion happens.

    Conventional security systems only provide 24/7 recording or push notifications instead of offering before-the-event deterrent.

    ANNKE CCTV systems, on the contrast, offer the effective visual light deterrent to stop the crime before it happens while providing every smart feature that any system has.

    Most Accurate PIR Motion Detection

    ANNKE PIR CCTV cameras paired with the DVRs can ignore the false alarms caused by the changing lights, falling leaves or waving branches.

    The powerful system will notify you instantly only when people, animals or moving warm objects trigger the alarms, reducing false alerts by 95%. You will receive accurate push notifications only when it matters without being bothered by thousands of false alerts.

    How PIR Works

    The PIR sensors detect the change of temperature when a moving warm object enters the detecting area and send you notifications.

    Reduce False Alarms & Power Consumption

    The PIR sensors will only be activated when there are moving warm objects in the area, without bothered by leaves or changing lights. Reduce false alarms and saves power greatly.

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  • Multi-Level & All-Around Privacy Protection

    With the world’s most comprehensive encryption & ANNKE’s private protocols,
    ANNKE products are nearly the No.1 safe products in the market now, providing 24/7 security & 24/7 privacy to customers worldwide.

  • Unique Activation Password

    You can access the device ONLY with the correct activation password. No way to crack the password

  • Verification Code for Live View

    The double encryption requires the verification code to access live stream

  • Unique Account Management Authority

    Only the admin user can add or delete the sub accounts, preventing the device being added by others

  • Necessary Password Activation Process

    ANNKE security systems adopt the most secure way to keep all system extremely secure & hackproof to the greatest extend.
    Other brands’ devices can be accessed directly after being added, without any password to secure the live stream and data.

    ANNKE, on the other hand, uses the same activation way as Apple to activate the ANNKE devices. You need to create a strong password first to active ANNKE products before any setup. During your operation, you cannot log into the device without the correct password.
    ONLY you with the correct password are able to log into the device for live stream, playback or any operation.

    Double Encryption Ways

    ANNKE security systems have a “enabled stream encryption” function. If you enable this feature, you’ll need to input the preset verification code to access the remote live streaming. Two encryption ways can enhance your privacy greatly and keep the hackers out of your data.

    Conform to All Indispensable Certifications

    All ANNKE products meet every law or regulation in local countries and conform to CE, FCC, UL, etc. standards.

    ANNKE DVRs & NVRs are all HDMI-certified and the power supply 100% passes the severe testing of EU CE, US UL. Even the transmission cables are UL-certified, making sure every device shipped from ANNKE are extremely safe and durable to use.

  • UL

  • CE

  • FCC

  • FCC-ID

  • CE-RED

  • AU SAA


  • HDMI

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