ANNKE Releases Most Hackproof BM100 Wireless PTZ Baby Monitor

ANNKE Releases Most Hackproof BM100 Wireless PTZ Baby Monitor

HONG KONG, February 27, 2020 ANNKE today releases its most cost-effective BM100 baby monitor, providing the most hackproof video monitoring solution to customers.

Customers can use the BM100 video monitor to keep tabs on their babies at home day or night without connecting to Wi-Fi.

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"As a parent, I always want to see if my children are well while I am doing exercise. Thus, we developed the BM100 baby monitor for parents to take care of their babies at home," said Jet Li, ANNKE's CEO and also a father of three children. "The security of our children tops our priority, and we are really worried about the hackers hacking into the camera. So, to completely prevent this, we didn't add any Internet connection to the BM100. But, we added our ANNKE's top-notch Wi-Fi technology."

ANNKE BM100 baby monitor comes with a video camera and an LCD monitor. The two devices communicate with each other via their proprietary Wi-Fi signal without, connecting to your router.

Their Wi-Fi connection distance can reach up to 1,000 ft in open areas. Thus, parents can see their babies on an LCD monitor while cooking in the kitchen or doing housework in the living room.

The smart sound detection will alert users when the baby cries. Thus, parents can comfort or talk to the baby with the two-way audio and play the built-in lullabies without coming back and forth to coax the baby.

The seamless 350° pan and 55° tilt enable customers to monitor their babies in almost 360° without even missing a corner. The 2X digital zoom helps the users zoom in or out for a closer view or wider viewing angle.

ANNKE BM100 Smart Features Overview

  • Smooth PTZ Control
  • 4.3'' LCD Monitor
  • Two-Way Audio
  • IR Night Vision
  • Sound/Temp Detection
  • Feeding Reminder
  • Hackproof in All Way
  • Works Without Internet​​

Pricing and Availability

ANNKE BM100 is currently available in the U.S. Customers can pre-order the BM100 for $72.99 at 15% off on the ANNKE Official Online Store now. And this Wi-Fi video camera will be available soon globally.


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