ANNKE Reveals Next-Gen 4K Surveillance Camera, Lead by the AC800 Featu

ANNKE Reveals Next-Gen 4K Surveillance Camera, Lead by the AC800 Featu

With a solid combination of a 1/1.8-inch sensor, f/1.6 aperture in specifications and AI-activated spotlights and siren in software intelligence, the ANNKE AC800 will lead the path for next-generation PoE cameras.

HONG KONG - ANNKE, a leading home security solution brand, today unveils its innovative security camera built on the success of its acclaimed 4K PoE series. The popular ANNKE 4K PoE series of security cameras has been widely recognized as the best in 4K category with ever-lasting durability, advanced AI detection and highly responsive notifications all without monthly subscriptions. The newly-launched ANNKE AC800 not only keeps all these features but also brings in the all-new active deterrence system by two 50 lumen spotlights and a blaring 95 decibel siren, both of which can be triggered by locally-processed AI.[1]


“In an event of residential break-in, the typical surveillance camera system we use today only reacts by sending an alert to your phone and capturing footage only to be handed out to police as potential proof of evidence thereafter. It’s usually too late for you to react to a break-in in the middle of 2 am when seeing a phone notification.” said ANNKE’s Chief Product Officer Jerry Yao. “With the introduction of an AI-activated audio visual alarm system, the ANNKE AC800 will not just react but proactively keep crime from happening by automated intelligence. The screaming alarm or fully customized prerecorded audio will create a significant psychological impact on the thieves. So do you to be alerted and prepared.”

Build On the Legacy of ANNKE 4K PoE and NightChromaTM Series

Like the C800, the AC800 equips with the same 2.8mm lens and reproduces true-to-life 4K clarity video. Moreover, it gets crisper and smoother due to a 1.4 times bigger sensor and a higher fps than the old C800. The 1/1.8-inch progressive CMOS sensor captures more details both day or night while efficiently reducing noises in the dark with 3D Digital Noise Reduction. The f/1.6 big aperture increases lights through the lens by a 25% margin comparing to a f/2.0 aperture camera, making it render vivid color night vision at 0.003 lux, that’s as dim as a moonless night, almost on par with the NightChromaTM series.


Revolutionary 7 Advanced Motion and Perimeter Events Detection

Empowered by leading machine-learning platforms, the AC800 has the best-in-class AI analysis on motion and smart events. Customers can set four perimeter detection from Line Crossing/Region Entrance/Region Exit to Intrusion Detection, one facial capture and two human/vehicle detection to stay focused on what’s important and to talk back in real-time via the two-way audio, pretending they were home even in miles away.


Pricing and Availability

The AC800 is available in ANNKE Global, British and German stores now with a MSRP of $199.99, £169.99 and€199.99 respectively. The camera is also compatible with all currently-listed ANNKE 4K NVR among which the 8CH and 16CH ones already support Alexa and others are to support by the end of June this year.


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[1]The turret model has a single 50 lumen LED and the bullet one has two LEDs.