ANNKE Prime Day Deals 2020 - 20% Off for Smart Security Solutions

ANNKE Prime Day Deals 2020 - 20% Off for Smart Security Solutions

HONG KONG, October 13, 2020 – To celebrate the annual Amazon Prime Day 2020, ANNKE joined in the hottest heat by providing extra 20% off at its high-end security cameras and systems worldwide.

Customers can enjoy one-stop shopping on ANNKE Store at 20% off:

ANNKE Prime Day Deals 2020

“Due to the pandemic, we were locked down. It’s been a tough time, but we’ll get through it all together!”, said Jet Li, ANNKE’s CEO, “Our whole ANNKE team launched the Prime Week activity, just aiming to provide the most high-end security solutions to our ANNKE Families worldwide at the most favorable pricing. We hope everyone can enjoy peace of mind whenever, especially during this special time!”

Best Prime Day Deals Top Picks – Customize Your Smart Solutions

Top-Selling Smartest PoE Security Solutions

. C500 Bullet ($48 at 20% off) – a 5MP Super HD PoE IP security camera captures everything in details.

. C800 Turret ($80 at 20% off) – ANNKE’s best-selling product, rated by The Hook Up as the Best Overall 4K PoE IP Camera.

. CZ500 Ultra ($463.2 at 20% off) – 25X optical zoom PoE IP camera, recognizing a license plate from 1,000 ft away.

. H800 8CH System (starts at $388.8 after 20% off) – all-in-one 4K Ultra HD PoE system for 24/7 surveillance and peace of mind all the year round.

High-End CCTV Analog Security Solutions

. FC800 (starts at $252.8 after 20% off) – true full color night vision at 4K Ultra HD, identifying anything in rich colors day or night.

. S500 (starts at $160 after 20% off) – provide the most accurate motion detection alerts with the PIR sensor and stop burglars with the bright light at night.

. AZ500 Zoom ($60 at 20% off) – the most exceptional “double Five” CCTV camera, providing 5MP Super HD and 5X optical zoom.

. BR200 ($80 at 20% off) – deter intruders before intrusion with siren and red-blue strobe, rated by MakeUseOf as the Smartest Analog Security Camera at a Budget Price.

Consumers can get the best deals on selected smart security solutions with FREE shipping. For more product details and more attractive sales in Prime Day 2020, please visit ANNKE Official Store.


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