ANNKE A200 A500 Iron Security Cameras Available Globally

ANNKE A200 A500 Iron Security Cameras Available Globally

ANNKE changes the materials of analog security cameras by bringing most solid full metal housing to its latest ANNKE A200 Iron and A500 Iron CCTV cameras, taking analog security solutions to the next level.

HONG KONG, July 29, 2020 – ANNKE today unpacks its first full-metal housing analog HD security camera series – A200 Iron 1080p Full HD and A500 Iron 5MP Super HD CCTV cameras.

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ANNKE A200 A500 Iron Security Cameras

Due to the limited technology, many manufacturers adopt plastic housing on their CCTV security cameras for fast heat dissipation. ANNKE, on the other hand, added the latest and most advanced chipset and used full metal housing for its A200 & A500 Iron security cameras, providing faster heat dissipation, and able to withstand the harshest weather all the year round.

With the unrivaled all-metal housing, ANNKE Iron professional project model security cameras work perfectly in extremely hot or cold conditions (among -4 °F – 140 °F and -40 °F – 140 °F), and can be used in any challenging environment, like construction sites, supermarkets, warehouses, factories, or any business or property.

The innovative 2MP & 5MP imaging sensors bring the unparalleled 1080p Full HD and 5MP Super HD images for users to identifying any detail. The exceptional EXIR 2.0 night vision tech enables the 2 security cameras to capture clearer images even in complete darkness, compared with other 1080p or 5MP IP or analog CCTV video cameras.

The powerful compatibility feature provides seamless integration. The CCTV surveillance cameras are able to work with ANNKE DVRs and third-party DVRs for 24/7 live stream and non-stop recording.

ANNKE A200 Iron & A500 Iron Smart Features

. 1080p & 5MP Crystal Images

.130 ft EXIR 2.0 Night Visio

. Solid Full-Metal Housing

. Outdoor IP67 Weatherproof

. Third-Party DVR Compatibility

Pricing & Availability

ANNKE A200 Iron and A500 Iron are available on its official online store at retailing pricing of $49.99 and $59.99 respectively.


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